Industry 4.0, an emerging concept, speaks of the next industrial revolution where a number of automation, manufacturing and data management technologies are coming together using internet technology. The integration of technologies is leading to intelligent collaboration, monitoring and process management in real-time.


One of MTC’s key services in industry 4.0 training is the setting up of Smart Factory Automation incubation centers at both industry sites and educational institutions to help operators upskill to the needs of Industry 4.0 and to educate students so that they are job-ready in the new world of the Internet of Things.

MTC’s Smart Factory Automation solutions represent the next evolution of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Smart Factory Automation solutions from MTC bring in interoperability, virtualisation, real-time capability, and modularity, to control the entire manufacturing process in a factory.


MTC’s SFA solutions

With the MTAB group’s vast experience in the field, MTC has put together all the relevant hardware and software that forms the core of the requirements of a typical Smart Factory of the future.

In consultation with you, MTC custom-picks a set of hardware and software relevant to your specific requirement and helps you set up a typical Smart Factory unit in your premises.

We are also associated with many universities and technical schools across India in providing skill training programs in CNC, Robotics and Automation. Some of our customers are Anna University, SRM University, Cochin University, GL Bajaj, PSR Engineering College, etc.


MTC’s delivery includes all four components of a Smart Factory Automation Learning Center:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • LMS with eLearning content to learn about the associated technologies
  • Project delivery on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) basis

Once set up, MTC helps on continuous basis:

  • To train personnel at factories on modern Industry 4.0 concepts, enabling them to migrate smoothly to nexgen factory infrastructure.
  • To educate students at educational institutions on both the theory and practice of the latest technologies, making them job-ready on graduation