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Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that integrates such fields as mechanics, electronics and electrical engineering, computer science, control engineering, and signal analysis. Mechatronics includes programmable electromechanical devices and systems with a built-in sensor structure, cooperating with the signal processing system, and with sets of communication and executive devices.

At MTAB Technology Center, we provide interactive, hands-on advanced and expert level e-learning courses on mechatronics. These courses can be used for self-study as well as blended learning in corporates and universities.

E-learning allows subscribers to access a wide range of classes through an online system available through the Internet. Using any web browser and device, subscribers can log-in with their username and password and then proceed through multiple courses at their own pace.

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  • World-class courseware. Created by experts with extensive knowledge and real-time experience.
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  • Courses that are accredited to ASDC and IASC sector skill

Courses offered (click on the courses to view details)

Advanced Level:
  1. Automation Introduction - General | Mechatronics System
  2. Automation Operation - General | Mechatronics System
Expert Level:
  1. Automation Design - General | Mechatronics System
  2. Automation Programming - General | Mechatronics System
  3. Automation Troubleshooting - General | Mechatronics System


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