E-Learning: The Missing Link in Deriving Maximum Benefit from Robotics

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E-Learning: The Missing Link in Deriving Maximum Benefit from Robotics 

Today, robot cells are being widely embraced in the manufacturing landscape, while Robotics has come into its own as a subject that warrants serious study. Integration and implementation of robotics installations are strengthened by in-depth knowledge and research in the field. Automated manufacturing solutions are now an integral part of operations in businesses that strive for enhanced efficiency and accuracy, gaining a competitive edge in the process. They ensure that recurring tasks are automated for convenience, and human errors are eliminated –  enabling workers to focus on core areas of business operations.

Robotics has Transformed Manufacturing Processes

To say that the introduction of Robotics and Automation across levels in manufacturing processes has transformed the nature of operations is an understatement. The degree of accuracy, efficiency, and security that a business can attain throughout every level of its operations and in a sustained manner, is unparalleled today.

The Main Challenge Faced by Organisations in Implementing Robotics

‘Robotics’ is an umbrella term for an interdisciplinary field, that covers the design, building, operation, utilisation, and maintenance of robots. While implementing robot cells is what businesses are primarily concerned with, successfully doing so would require serious study in this extensive, multi-faceted subject. When a new robot cell is introduced to the system in a factory or workplace, employees are often understandably left frustrated, not being equipped with the knowledge necessary to understand how to leverage it for optimum results

In certain cases, the robot cell supplier himself may provide a training module along with the application, with clear instructions on how to use the new technology. On the other hand, in others, the HR of an organization may wish to establish a specialised internal training program to help employees integrate these new technologies into their daily work structure and practices.

Skills in the area of robotics cell implementation and automation need to be developed systematically, and the process is seldom possible without a specialised learning solution that can be integrated into the training program for end users.

E-learning directly addresses this problem, enabling organisations to offer their employees the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of these technologies in the context of their tasks and workflows

E-Learning Fills the Gaps in Successful Robotics Implementation

E-Learning has paved the way for the future of skill-development for leveraging new technologies. Today, one has the opportunity to cover several areas of study at once, with the flexibility of studying each one at a pace that is preferable to the individual.

The end user may wish to narrow his field of development and specialise in specific skills in order to align his needs with that of the organization; by facilitating this process as an integral part of employee-training, the HR of the organisation takes a positive leap forward with regard to bridging the gaps in robotic cell implementation.

The end user benefits immensely from having a wealth of knowledge at his disposal, without needing to go through mountains of text. By enrolling in courses that cover specific problem areas, he gains the ability to continually leverage his knowledge for the benefit of the organization, from assessment of a problem, to successful programming, to the development of a solution.

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